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Job ID: 11572 Post Date: 10/09/2018


  Waltham Public Schools
Waltham, MA 02452

Job Details

  Start Date: 07/01/2019
The purpose of this position is to have an individual serve as the educational leader and chief administrator of Waltham High School, responsible for leading the learning in the school, implementing policies, regulations and procedures effectively to ensure that all students are supervised in a safe learning environment and provided instruction which meets and exceeds the State Curriculum Frameworks. Achieving academic excellence requires that the High School Principal work collaboratively to lead and nurture all members of the school staff and to communicate effectively with parents, members of the community, and colleagues in other districts and schools. Inherent in each position are responsibilities for planning, curriculum development, program evaluation, extracurricular activities, personnel management, financial management, emergency procedures, resource scheduling, and facilities operations.

Reports to the Superintendent of Schools
Member of the Following Committees:
Individual School Council
High School Building Project Committee
As Needed Committees/Task Forces

Start Date: July 1, 2019
Salary Range: $135,000-$145,000
Education, Training and Experience
1. Master's degree from an accredited college or university required.
2. Certification as a Principal/Assistant Principal by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (DESE Cert. # 1021 or 1023) before or at the time the position begins
3. Demonstrated competencies in high school (Gr. 9-12) administration and as an educator.
4. At least nine (9) years' experience in the field of public education, including experience in administration and as an educator.
5. Preferable: Knowledge of another language.

Knowledge Required
• Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of curriculum development and program evaluation, child growth and development, effective instructional strategies, classroom management, learning assessment and diagnosis, and research related to learning.
• Knowledge of the State Curriculum Frameworks as related to the subject areas in grades 9-12.
• Thorough knowledge of the materials, methods and techniques needed to exemplify high quality instruction.
• Knowledge of Chapter 766 special education and Section 504 rules and regulations.
• Knowledge of current practices in curriculum, instruction and supervision.

Standard 1: Instructional Leadership
1. Leads the community through the implementation of an ambitious education plan, which requires attention to new programs, a push toward project/problem-based learning, and facilitating interdisciplinary connections. You can find the school's education plan here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1RKdQk5zXW0TENubzFUSF9yZlE/view
2. Focuses a school culture on high levels of academic achievement and social-emotional learning (SEL) in conjunction with other administrators, faculty and staff. Fosters a creative and innovative learning environment in which all students are inspired to excel.
3. Leverages a strong Instructional Leadership Team to develop and monitor a Quality School Plan.
4. Ensures that the implementation of the education plan and program addresses the academic and social-emotional needs of ALL learners.
5. Participates and maintains an effective and culturally responsive learning environment among the entire school community (faculty, staff, support personnel, students and community.
6. Supports and refines key district and school innovations: ChangeMaker Academy (https://changemakerwhs.weebly.com/), Seal of Biliteracy, NewComers Academy, and STEM pathways, among others.
7. Participates and maintains an effective and culturally diverse learning environment among the entire school community (faculty, staff, support personnel, students and community.)
8. Monitors the quality of instruction through supervision and evaluation, which focuses on teaching and the performance of a diverse student population.
9. Collaborates with the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction and the Superintendent to leverage the strength of content Directors and assistant principals to focus on a few set of academic and SEL priorities while attending to and implementing the school's education plan.
10. Improves the 4-year graduation rate for ALL students including groups of students who are not presently meeting state and district benchmarks and increases the number of students who graduate Waltham High School college, career and community ready.
11. Increases the number of students who have access to Advanced Placement classes especially students from historically underrepresented groups.
12. Monitors the quality of instruction through supervision and evaluation which focuses on teaching and the performance of a diverse student population.
13. Interprets data to improve teaching and learning, and makes decisions based on sound educational principles.
14. Promotes effective forms of technology integration into the educational program.
15. Designs and implements instructional support services for students needing additional academic and social-emotional supports to succeed in the general education environment.
16. Encourages and supports the professional development of all faculty and staff.

Standard 2: Operational Leadership
1. Responsible, consistent with district personnel policies and subject to the approval of the Superintendent, for hiring, assigning, and retaining all teachers, athletic coaches, instructional or administrative aides, and other personnel assigned to the school. Maintains a focus on the district priority of increasing the racial, ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity of educator and leader force.
2. Project manages the construction associated with a new school when the process begins.
3. Supervises and evaluates all faculty, staff and support staff assigned to the building.
4. Conducts, in cooperation with other administrators, an orientation program for staff new to the school.
5. Draws upon existing resources to oversee state mandated testing and all other testing requirements.
6. Serves as the educational administrator and manager of the school, as well as an agent for productive change within the school and district.
7. Supervises the operation and management of the school and schools' facilities
8. Draws upon existing resources to coordinate the preparation of teachers' and students' schedules, and pursues new forms of scheduling to support academic and social-emotional learning.
9. Reviews the organization of the school and recommends changes to improve the school's efficiency and productivity.
10. Prepares and submits the school's budgetary requests; supervises the process for ordering supplies and equipment; monitors the expenditures of funds; oversees the budget.
11. Oversees and makes recommendations regarding the maintenance and improvement of the building, grounds and equipment, transportation and food service programs.
12. Supervises the keeping of enrollment, attendance and other student records; oversees the proper officials to investigate cases of truancy.
13. Implements the safety procedures described in the district's safety plans; and complies with State, Waltham Police and Fire Department regulations.
14. Works with various members of Central Administration to solve school issues and needs.
15. Communicates with the Superintendent about school programs, system-wide programs and personnel matters.
16. Knows and follows all School Committee and district policies

Standard 3: Family and Community Leadership
1. Ensures a strong and vibrant PTO and School Site Council that is inclusive of all parents and actively engages historically underrepresented groups and recruits faculty and staff to participate with these groups.
2. Links family, community and student engagement efforts with academic and enrichment access and outcomes.
3. Promotes ongoing positive communication with parents and community, effectively involving them in the education of students.
4. Leverages and supports key school and district initiatives such as home visits, adult education program, and Latinx Parent Leadership Group among other initiatives
5. Maintains a clear and open communication process with the internal and external school community. Acts as a liaison between the school and local community encouraging the community to participate in the educational process as part of the overall school life.
6. Develops a program of public relations in order to further community understanding and support of educational programs.

Standard 4: Professional Responsibilities
1. Establishes and maintains a climate of respect, and encourages a positive student attitude toward the school's educational program
2. Maintains a positive stance toward school discipline and a culture that promotes a restorative approach to addressing the needs and behaviors of students
3. Fosters an environment that is conducive to the development of positive racial, ethnic, and individual identity, and is respectful and supportive of individual differences and an inclusive learning and social environment
4. Values ALL students as active participants in the school community and provides students with supports that result in improved outcomes in school and in post-school life
5. Observes strictly, and avoids the appearance of conflict, all requirements of the School Ethics Act regarding conflicts of interest in employment, purchasing, and other decisions, including solicitation and acceptance of gifts and favors.
6. Communicates with the Superintendent regularly about the needs, successes, and general operation of the school.
7. Fosters a community of adult learners who reflect on their progress and adapt lessons to meet the needs of students
8. Creates systems and structures for student, family and faculty/staff feedback.
9. In collaboration with Superintendent, co-chairs the School Building Committee.
10. Presents at School Committee or City Council when requested by Superintendent.
11. Encourages student participation in academic and extracurricular programs and increases percentages of students from historically underrepresented groups who participate.
12. Monitors the extra-curricular programs of the school; demonstrates interest and personal involvement in student activities and works closely with student organizations and officers; involved in School Council, Class and Club meetings
13. Performs any duties that are within the scope of employment and certifications and not otherwise prohibited by law or regulation, as assigned by the Superintendent.

Contact Information

  Please submit cover letter, resume, proof of MA DESE license as described, transcripts and three current letters of recommendation by 3:00 p.m. November 2, 2018 to: https://www.walthampublicschools.org/about/employment/

Waltham Public Schools
617 Lexington Street
Waltham, MA 02452

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