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Job Title: Academic/Behavioral Dean of Students   (Exp 13-Feb-19)
Job ID: 11586 Post Date: 01/29/2019


  Manchester Essex Regional HS
36 Lincoln Street
Manchester, MA 01944

Job Details

  Start Date: 01/29/2019
Title: Academic/Behavioral Dean of Students
Licensure: Massachusetts Licensure as a Principal/Assistant Principal 9 – 12
Skill Sets:
• Meets the Professional Standard for Administrators (603 CMR 7.10)
• Displays strong leadership skills
• Understands Massachusetts School Law as it pertains to secondary education
• Proficient with oral and written communication
• Possesses required technological skills in word processing, spreadsheets, data management, and student management systems
• Processes a desire for continuous professional growth

Experience: Preferred three years of experience as a school administrator or equivalent

Reports to: Principal/Superintendent

Performance Responsibilities

School Leadership
• Assists in the establishment of goals and objectives for the school.
• Provides leadership in planning, implementing, and evaluating instructional programs
• Provides leadership in teaching techniques, innovation and class organization
• Assists the principal in identifying, planning and implementing staff development programs in accordance with assessed needs
• Promotes leadership in the implementation of social/emotional learning initiatives
• Represents MERHS on school & district committees as assigned.
• Assists in management of course registration in collaboration with Guidance Department as assigned
• Serves as standardized testing coordinator as assigned
• Maintains systems for collecting and tracking data on school culture metrics, including discipline and attendance. Assures data is reported accurately as required by the district and
Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Personnel Development
• Assists in the process of interviewing, evaluating and selecting new staff members
• Assists in working with individual staff needs
• Evaluates personnel and assists in the determination of goals to improve performance
• Performs formal evaluations of personnel and staff

Student Support
• Supports students’ social emotional development and skill building
• Seeks ways to develop and sustain a climate of mutual respect between and among the students and adults who participate at school
• Consults with Guidance Counselors on student academic, behavioral, and social-emotional needs, and academics.
• Conducts re-entry meetings and assists in the development of individual assistance plans in collaboration with the Bridge Program for students returning to school after extended
• Participates in identifying at-risk students and works with the student, parents, and guidance/support personnel to develop appropriate programmatic plans to meet their needs.
• Through collaboration with the school nurse and others, organizes, and coordinates health and substance abuse prevention programs.
• Participates in Student Services team meetings when deemed appropriate

Student Management
• Manages student attendance including tardy students and students with chronic absenteeism
• Establishes and enforces disciplinary procedures which allows due process to the rights of students; familiarizes students, staff and parents with the disciplinary process; hears and
acts on behavior problems referred to the principal’s office, complies with annual discipline report, revises the student handbook
• Conducts bullying and harassment investigations in accordance with district policies.
• Monitors halls, bathrooms, school grounds and pupil movement to ensure a safe and orderly school environment
• Attends and supervises after-school, evening, and weekend school sponsored events and activities as assigned

Resource Management
• In collaboration with the Principal, manages computer services including master scheduling, student information, and attendance.
• Assists in the development and implementation of building policy and procedures as assigned by the Principal
• As assigned by the Principal, monitors the maintenance of the school and school facilities; assists in the security of the building, assists in the supervision of building employees
• Serves as substitute building principal as required
• Coordinates and interacts with community resources, including but not limited, to police and fire

Professional Growth
• Participates in professional growth activities
• Participates in professional organizations in pursuit of ongoing development of administrative skill
• Participates in school and district committees

Other duties as assigned by the Principal or Superintendent
Status: Full-time (204 days per school year)

None Listed

Contact Information

  See position posted on SchoolSpring Job Number 3043595

Patricia Puglisi
email: puglisip@mersd.org

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