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Job Title: Program Supervisor of Mathematics 4-12   (Exp 19-Mar-19)
Job ID: 11594 Post Date: 03/12/2019


  Stoneham Public Schools
149 Franklin St.
Stoneham, MA 02180

Job Details

  Start Date: 08/15/2019

Supervision and Management
1. Assists in the recruitment, selection, and orientation of new math
2. Supervises and evaluates all personnel in the math program (5-12)
in accordance to Stoneham’s teacher evaluation system and
through classroom observations and walkthroughs, teacher
conferences, attending and/or facilitating team / grade level /
department meetings.

Revised 2/15/2019
3. Creates and presents periodic formal evaluations and reports of
math programming to the appropriate administrator(s) and School
4. He/she shall work with the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum,
Instruction, and Assessment and the Elementary, Middle and High
School Principal(s) in matters related to the math department.
5. Plans and conducts purposeful meetings, in-service activities and
encourages professional improvement of all program members for
the improvement of instruction, the continuity of the program and
discussion of new ideas and teaching techniques.
6. Evaluates the needs of the program and makes recommendations in
the scheduling, assigning and addition and reduction of
professional positions.
7. Supervises and assists in the placement of student teachers.
8. Serves as a consultant with expertise in all aspects of the math
program including the planning of new facilities or the renovation of
any areas where instruction is to be effected and explaining its role
in education to all members of the school staff and community as
9. Prepares and justifies a program budget for the department and
investigates avenues of private or governmental sources of funding
for the purchase of materials and equipment.
10. Prepares and disseminates bids for equipment and supplies
purchase, tallies bids, prepares purchase orders and checks
incoming orders against PO’s.
11. Prepares all program reports and keeps an inventory of all
instructional material in use for all areas of the program.
12. Facilitates / chairs sub-committees regarding curriculum review and
adoption initiatives. Serves as a resource person to consult and
recommend textbooks, software, workbooks, supplies and
equipment for the program, being responsible for the requisition
and distribution of all materials purchased.
13. Interviews / hosts all visitors to the program and receives and
distributes correspondence.
14. Works with teachers and advisors to approve clubs, activities,
performances, and field trips related to the math program.
15. Assists and makes recommendations on matters of extra-curricular
activities including academic, scholarship and related awards (when
16. Writes recommendations for professional staff and students as
17. Supervises, assists and advises all personnel responsible for the
execution of the curriculum.
18. Confers as an expert in the assigned program with the guidance
personnel, technology / media personnel, staff, parents and
students concerning curriculum development, implementation, and
program planning.

1. Prepares and advises a comprehensive curriculum including all
forms, types and strategies of instruction for the use by teaching
personnel in compliance with the MA Department of Education
2. Provides curriculum planning and development of an articulated
program by developing subject matter including long and short
range planning, sequence of units, program activities, time schedule
of units; coordination with other departments and materials to be
3. Supervises and assists in the preparation of curriculum and/or
resource guides (courses of study) for use by the regular staff in
carrying out the instructional programs at the appropriate grade
level to meet Frameworks requirements.
4. Provides an evaluation of the program through testing and follow-
up student progress, and to update the program in light of current
research findings. Interprets and reports results of College Board
Tests and MCAS assessments; and works with staff to improve
student performance with focused support.
5. Becomes an active member of the national association in order to
keep abreast of current trends in mathematics and to be a
representative of the School Department and the Town.
6. Assumes teaching responsibilities as may be needed, or are
assigned by the appropriate administrator and in accordance with
the Unit B Bargaining Agreement.
7. Performs such other duties and assumes such other responsibilities
as may from time to time be assigned.


1. Master’s degree required, advanced degree preferred.
2. DESE Certification/License
3. Massachusetts Certification/License as Supervisor/Director or the
equivalent preferred
4. A minimum of five to seven years of successful teaching in the
assigned discipline.
5. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the School
Committee may find appropriate and acceptable.

REPORTS TO: Assistant Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee. Performance
will be evaluated by the Assistant Superintendent of Schools or his/her
designee, and the Middle School and High School Principals.
SUPERVISES: Teaching staff in math department, grades 4-12. Evaluates teachers grades 5-12.

Contact Information

  Please refer to the posting at www.stonehamschools.org

David Ljungberg
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum
149 Franklin Street
Stoneham, MA 02180

email: dljungberg@stonehamschools.org

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