Boys' Winter Swimming - Varsity

Dec-12 06:00 PM  vs.  @ Bangor "Y"      Dec-12 06:00 PM  

Dec-13 06:00 PM  vs.  @ Riverton        Dec-13 06:00 PM  

Dec-16 TBD  vs.  @ Old Town H.S.        Dec-20 06:00 PM  

Dec-27 04:00 PM  vs.  @ USM             Dec-27 04:00 PM  

Dec-27 05:00 PM  vs.  @ Riverton        Dec-27 05:00 PM  

Jan-07 05:30 PM  vs.  @ Brunswick H.S.  Jan-07 05:30 PM  

Jan-09 06:00 PM  vs.  @ Bangor "Y"      Jan-09 06:00 PM  

Jan-10 05:30 PM  vs.  @ Bowdoin         Jan-10 05:30 PM  

Jan-10 05:30 PM  vs.  @ Wiscasset Rec   CANCELLED        

Jan-21 TBD  vs.  @ YW                   Jan-14 07:00 PM  

Jan-14 07:00 PM  vs.  @ Ellsworth H.S.  Jan-14 07:00 PM  

Jan-21 07:00 PM  vs.  @ Colby College   CANCELLED        

Jan-27 TBD  vs.  @ UMaine Machias       Feb-01 10:00 AM  

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