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Team Directions
Girls' Winter Basketball - Varsity (2017 - 2018)
Monmouth Academy
Legend: (NL)=NonLeague   (NS)=NonSeeding
Date/Time Event Location
1. Sat 12/9/17
07:00 PM
Oak Hill High School(22) at Monmouth Academy(43) Monmouth Academy
2. Thu 12/14/17
07:00 PM
Winthrop High School(25) at Monmouth Academy(54) Monmouth Academy
3. Mon 12/18/17
07:00 PM
Monmouth Academy(47) at Boothbay Region High School(50) Boothbay Region High School
4. Wed 12/20/17
07:00 PM
Lisbon High School(30) at Monmouth Academy(70) Monmouth Academy
5. Thu 12/21/17
05:30 PM
Monmouth Academy(74) at Mt. Abram High School(36) Mt. Abram High School
6. Thu 12/28/17
07:00 PM
Monmouth Academy(58) at Spruce Mountain High School(20) Spruce Mountain High School
7. Wed 1/3/18
07:00 PM
Dirigo High School(22) at Monmouth Academy(58) Monmouth Academy
8. Fri 1/5/18
07:00 PM
Monmouth Academy(48) at Richmond High School(33) Richmond High School
9. Tue 1/9/18
07:00 PM
Telstar Regional Middle/High School(17) at Monmouth Academy(80) Monmouth Academy
10. Thu 1/11/18
07:00 PM
Monmouth Academy(63) at Wiscasset High School(19) Wiscasset High School
11. Fri 1/12/18
04:00 PM
Carrabec High School(26) at Monmouth Academy(76) Monmouth Academy
12. Thu 1/18/18
06:30 PM
Monmouth Academy(56) at Hall-Dale High School(34) Hall-Dale High School
13. Fri 1/19/18
07:00 PM
Madison Area Memorial High School(48) at Monmouth Academy(53) Monmouth Academy
14. Thu 1/25/18
07:00 PM
Richmond High School(37) at Monmouth Academy(57) Monmouth Academy
15. Sat 1/27/18
02:30 PM
Monmouth Academy(51) at Carrabec High School(29) Carrabec High School
16. Wed 1/31/18
07:00 PM
Wiscasset High School(23) at Monmouth Academy(70) Monmouth Academy
17. Fri 2/2/18
06:30 PM
Monmouth Academy(62) at Dirigo High School(26) Dirigo High School
18. Sat 2/3/18
02:00 PM
Monmouth Academy(63) at Mountain Valley High School(24) Mountain Valley High School
  Home Record (w-l-t):     (9-0-0) Home Win Percent: 1.000
  Away Record (w-l-t):     (8-1-0) Away Win Percent: 0.889
  League Record (w-l-t):     (17-1-0) League Win Percent: 0.944
  Season Record (w-l-t):     (17-1-0) Season Win Percent: 0.944
Above statistics based on scores entered by schools. Only games whose scores have been entered are included.

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