Games for Week

Week of Sun 01/19/2020 to Sat 01/25/2020
Date Sport Event Location
1. Mon 1/20
Boys' Basketball(V) Erskine Acad.(67) at Gardiner Area H.S.(42) Gardiner Area High School
2. Mon 1/20
Girls' Basketball(V) Gardiner Area H.S.(45) at Erskine Acad.(29) Erskine Academy
3. Mon 1/20
Wrestling(V) MEET @ Oceanside High School
[Gardiner Area H.S.(12) vs Belfast Area H.S.(72)]
[Mt. Blue H.S.(12) vs Belfast Area H.S.(72)]
[Oceanside H.S.(17) vs Belfast Area H.S.(55)]
[Skowhegan Area H.S.(12) vs Belfast Area H.S.(58)]
[Gardiner Area H.S.(23) vs Mt. Blue H.S.(24)]
[Skowhegan Area H.S.(41) vs Oceanside H.S.(18)]
[Mt. Blue H.S.(18) vs Oceanside H.S.(42)]
[Gardiner Area H.S.(18) vs Oceanside H.S.(36)]
[Mt. Blue H.S.(16) vs Skowhegan Area H.S.(60)]
[Gardiner Area H.S.(18) vs Skowhegan Area H.S.(60)]
(2 Mats)
Oceanside High School Gymnasium
4. Tue 1/21
Boys' Swimming(V) Mt. Ararat H.S. at Gardiner Area H.S. Kennebec Valley YMCA
5. Tue 1/21
Girls' Swimming(V) Mt. Ararat H.S. at Gardiner Area H.S. Kennebec Valley YMCA
6. Thu 1/23
Boys' Ice Hockey(V) Cony(2) at Gardiner Area H.S.(5) Camden National Bank Ice Vault
7. Fri 1/24
Girls' Basketball(V) Gardiner Area H.S.(64) at Mt. Blue H.S.(34) Mt. Blue High School
8. Fri 1/24
Boys' Basketball(V) Mt. Blue H.S.(47) at Gardiner Area H.S.(53) Gardiner Area High School
9. Sat 1/25
Boys' Ice Hockey(V) Hampden Acad.(4) at Gardiner Area H.S.(3) Camden National Bank Ice Vault
10. Sat 1/25
Wrestling(V) MEET @ Gardiner Area High School
[Ellsworth H.S.(12) vs Gardiner Area H.S.(36)]
[P.C.H.S(30) vs Gardiner Area H.S.(24)]
[Ellsworth H.S.(0) vs Morse H.S.(66)]
[Mt. Blue H.S.(18) vs Morse H.S.(51)]
[P.C.H.S(24) vs Morse H.S.(45)]
[Morse H.S.(54) vs Gardiner Area H.S.(18)]
[Mt. Blue H.S.(36) vs Gardiner Area H.S.(18)]
[Ellsworth H.S.(12) vs Mt. Blue H.S.(41)]
[P.C.H.S(30) vs Mt. Blue H.S.(29)]
[Ellsworth H.S.(6) vs P.C.H.S(36)]
(2 Mats)
Gardiner Area High School

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