Game Report

  Foxcroft Academy vs Erskine Academy
Sat 1/19/19 @ 12:00 PM
(Winter Wrestling - Varsity)
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Erskine Academy: 33
Foxcroft Academy: 46
106 Emond, Jake (Erskine Acad.) DECISION McCarty, Sawyer (Foxcroft Acad.)
113 Jackson, Austin (Foxcroft Acad.) FORFEIT (Erskine Acad.)
120 Ayala, Enrico (Foxcroft Acad.) MAJOR Farrar, Nate (Erskine Acad.)
126 Reardon, Grady (Foxcroft Acad.) FALL Hanley, Patrick (Erskine Acad.)
132 Downing, Krystofor (Foxcroft Acad.) FORFEIT (Erskine Acad.)
138 Tatlock, Joshua (Foxcroft Acad.) FALL Austin, Jay (Erskine Acad.)
145 Ireland, Jacob (Foxcroft Acad.) FORFEIT (Erskine Acad.)
152 Bourque, William (Erskine Acad.) FALL Gil, Austin (Foxcroft Acad.)
160 Atkinson, Alex (Foxcroft Acad.) FALL Larrabee, Aiden (Erskine Acad.)
170 Landry, Haeden (Erskine Acad.) FORFEIT (Foxcroft Acad.)
182 Campbellton, Austin (Erskine Acad.) FORFEIT (Foxcroft Acad.)
195 Whittemore, Joshua (Foxcroft Acad.) FORFEIT (Erskine Acad.)
220 Peavey, Isaak (Erskine Acad.) FORFEIT (Foxcroft Acad.)
285 Sanborn, Anthony (Erskine Acad.) FALL Atkinson, Jared (Foxcroft Acad.)

Erskine Academy: None
Foxcroft Academy: None

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