Game Report

  Mount View High School vs Mt. Ararat/Brunswick
Sat 12/14/19 @ 09:00 AM
(Winter Wrestling - Varsity)
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Mt. Ararat High School: 60
Mount View High School: 18
106 Chamberland, Caleb (Mt. Ararat H.S.) FORFEIT (Mount View H.S.)
120 Kowalsky, Brycen (Mt. Ararat H.S.) FALL Hegstrom, Vinnie (Mount View H.S.)
126 Roehrig, Jacob (Mt. Ararat H.S.) FALL Wood, Hailey (Mount View H.S.)
132 Farrell, Shea (Mt. Ararat H.S.) FALL Fonger, Emma (Mount View H.S.)
138 LeClair, Spencer (Mt. Ararat H.S.) FALL Fonger, Morgan (Mount View H.S.)
145 Ward, Zachary (Mount View H.S.) FALL Godbout, Jacob (Mt. Ararat H.S.)
152 Ward III, Mark (Mount View H.S.) FALL Raio, Brett (Mt. Ararat H.S.)
160 Graffam, Kyle (Mt. Ararat H.S.) FORFEIT (Mount View H.S.)
170 Laurence, Ben (Mt. Ararat H.S.) FORFEIT (Mount View H.S.)
182 McPhail, Kaleb (Mt. Ararat H.S.) FORFEIT (Mount View H.S.)
195 Dunton, Garrett (Mount View H.S.) FORFEIT (Mt. Ararat H.S.)
220 Beal, Alex (Mt. Ararat H.S.) FALL Magnant, Felicity (Mount View H.S.)
285 Murray, Andy (Mt. Ararat H.S.) FORFEIT (Mount View H.S.)

Mt. Ararat High School: None
Mount View High School: None

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